Once every 5 years the city of Ores opens up the great dungeon, The Descent. The Descent is supposed to contain the greatest wealth within all the land. Many adventures have entered the Descent over the past decades, but very few have returned. Ores holds a raffle every 5 years to determine which adventuring group will have the privilege of entering The Descent to unearth its treasures.

All of you are treasure hunters, in some regard. Whether you are a archaeologist, a grave robber, or some headstrong new adventurer; you have all entered the raffle and have been selected to compete to enter the Descent. Your party has been assigned and you have a year to prepare before the city opens the dungeon. Spend this year to gather wealth and experience with your party. Unearth relics, gather fame or infamy, and make a name for your party. In one year you will face some of the greatest treasure hunters in the world for the chance of a lifetime. Good luck and may wealth find you.

The Descent